Entry Requirements

• Design an island bridge

• Total structure no longer than 100 kilometers in length

• Less then 25 sq. kilometers in relatable landscape space

• Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. oceanic)

• Utilising sustainable technologies

Requirements for structure: The total structure can be a dwelling for city and rural intersections, a transport communal, or other innovative abstractions of what it means to evolve alongside the wonder that are the waterways of the Hauraki Gulf. The magnitude of the formality should be in accordance with the harmony of the New Zealand and Maori people alike. Locally produced, natural resources for building materials is important, but this is not required. Must be economical and use local labor. Technological improvements can be from outside of New Zealand.

The island bridge: Attention to leading architecture, technology, ecology and oceanic evolution is of the most importance. The space that is manifested can serve for a myriad of fusing integrations.

Landscape: The landscape space of the island bridge, should be directly built upon it, as the water that makes up the ethos of the surrounding infrastructure, is the breath for the livability of life that it supports. The competing architect must decide how to use this space.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Concaved Ellipse Pyramid, With, Side Pyramid III

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