01.Oct.2018 Winney Zhao – Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

The Crux Bridge: An interstellar walk by Winney Zhao is the pinnacle of architectural fashioning, as it demonstrates how physical spatial coordination and the angular definitions that shape the structures, which humans live and work within and around, relate to each other, and also how they offer a resemblance to the refraction of light and motion, which exists, not only to create reality, but also for the depths of the unspoken seas, that engulf land, and the people who are abound.

The Maori, as a civilisation, may or may not be in favour of such a space connection, however, when it becomes clear that not only a manifestation of abstraction and the “Pointers” and constellation points, signify much more than what appears, as new movements are made possible, which are respective of singular and plural dots on the linear and the lines that are delineated, to make a whole piece of the puzzle, creating a good force for the progression of developmental education and the lessons to be learned at a later juncture.

If The Crux Bridge were to be built, there is no doubt that by way of impact with the S-Curve and the infinite byproducts of seamless transportation of vehicles and ideas, New Zealand and the Great Barrier Island would improve, without changing the existence of current waterways.

What ology would really make the move through the onramps, straits, and exits and roads? Given what this era of inventors have dreamt and transcribed, there may be room for some creative method to execute journeying and the expedition planning that entails that.

By allowing shipping and passenger vessel to pass through The Crux Bridge, only the magical of a quasi-sentient being with nu-silo capabilities, could in fact be the appropriate explorers to revolve with this New Oceanic and Australasian influenced Fibonacci and Maori design functions of both architecture, structural engineering, and the mechanical creations, presented together as what can happen, when there are undiscovered paths to obtaining unparalleled knowledge.

Winney Zhao:

A communal bridge that connects Harataonga Bay to Arid Island (Rakitu) using the Southern Cross as a national icon for New Zealand. The Southern Cross was used as a guidance to pointing true south, for the Maori people, it is viewed as a representative for an anchor which was embraced in the design of the truss structure.

The design process involves identifying the four major stars of the crux: the Gamma, Beta Crucis, Dekta Cruis and Apha Cruis on Rakitu, as well as the pointers on Whangapoua Beach. The bridge itself points towards the south pole.

The design of the bridge is to single out and magnify the experience of driving from the roadside to the seaside and above the surface of the sea. A chief concern was to let users experience the clear night sky as a romantic opportunity special to Great Barrier Island. This is also to make the path itself a refocusing experiential mode. Design for the trusses are based on traditional Maori patterns which this relates to waves and Kori. The kori has its roots in the Fibonacci Spiral found across many natural beings.

The primary function is universal accessibility, allowing both pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to use the bridge at the same time. As such the width of is designed to be 25m. Instead of using a direct access to all four points,

The aim of the design is to create a human and nature experience to immerse to the nature and the vastness of the landscape and seascape. Bring attention to the relationship between the duration of the experience and connection to nature.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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