Entry Requirements

  • Design a Cultural Center for La Semilla de los Ingenios
  • Building: 13 x 13 sq. meters

  • 100 sq. meters in surrounding landscape space

  • Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. sea shells)

  • Powered by PV, wind and passive solar

Additional requirements for structure: Should be circular, ecological, contain a basement and a first floor, based on a stone foundation, houses living quarters (3 singles or 2 couples) and a main space for cultural events (20 person max occupancy) and uses other natural resources for the majority of the remainder of the structure. Must be economical and use local labor and materials. Things like solar panels can be from outside of Mexico.

The Cultural Center: The space will primarily used to showcase art (music performances, art showings), science (paper presentations, research meetings), and tech innovation (investor meetings, small conferences) while offering a place where a “meeting of the minds” can take place. It’s important that there be a space in the cultural center that facilitates light hardware and computers that integrate with a small sound system.

Landscape: The outside landscape of the site of the cultural center, should not detract from the lower gardens, housing, and other eco buildings that are found in the steppes of the mountain that La Semilla de Los Ingenios rests on – it is up to the competing architect to decide how to use this outside space.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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