Australia is a hot place to live. However in the Snowies, it does get cold and can be a temperate climate as well. As a modern abode hub, this means that there will be many uses for this structure. This includes but is not limited to, enabling different modes of transportation, being able to produce food, having the ability to join to a larger community of rural abodes if needed, and be a total part of nature. Residential, yet for the adaptive modern purpose. A demonstration of new technologies and learning that promote a higher quality of living is a plus.

  • Guest

    please post some more information on about competition’s requirements such as some more hints what’s the competition about.

    • ionth

      Please refer to the Images section of the competition site, and also to that of what the 2012 Competition was about.

  • shayan

    is this competition CANCELLED? cause there is no answer of any quastion !! where is the admin?! i want Participate but i think this is fake competition


    • ionth

      Sorry about that, the comments were not working for some reason with Disqus, but now are ok. The competition is not canceled, good luck!

  • santiago

    who will be the judges for this contest?

    • ionth

      The judges are still to be determined.

  • Tara

    What does ” enabling different modes of transportation” mean? The structure should be transportable?
    Also does the basement need to be an underground one?

    • ionth

      This means that the abode hub should work well with transport, not be transportable. The basement should be below the first ground floor.

      • Farhaan Samnani

        does that mean accomadate cars? like a garage related space/covering? if people visit shouldn’t there be more space for cars to accomadate the people? or do you mean walk ways/paths as transport

        • ionth

          This is up to the architect.

  • mojgan

    Would u please tell us more about the climate?

  • mojgan

    would u please tell us more about the climate?
    and where exactly snowies is?

    • ionth

      There is plenty of info about the climate and location on the web about the Snowies, Australia.

  • YMImf

    Hi , I’m from Argentina , an architecture student , I am interested to participate, where I record my data as a participant ?

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