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No entrance fee.

PRIZE: The winner of the competition will receive a prize of $1,500 USD for their entry. Honorable mentions will receive $250 USD. Winner and honorable mentions will appear in numerous publications.

LEGAL: By submitting an entry to the 2014 Competition you understand the entry requirements, submission guidelines and legal terms in this section.

MNPG Arch obtains ownership of the winning plan’s concept and design. Honorable mentions will retain ownership of their entries.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless MNPG Arch, its contractors and its licensors, and their respective directors and employees from and against any and all claims and expenses, arising out of your use of the MNPG Arch website. Entrants to this competition agree to these terms and waive responsibility by MNPG Arch of complications that may result in their own operations by entering.

  • Roberto Mori

    Is there any specific location for the project or it is just anywhere in the snowies?

    • admin

      This can be anywhere in the Snowies.

    • ionth

      This can be anywhere in the Snowies.

  • yongjia lin

    how can i register the competition?

    • ionth

      No need to register, just send in your entry to info@mnpg.net

  • Giorgi Mikaberidze

    hello, can you explain me please, the winner project will mention the author architect’s name?

    • ionth

      Yes, or the architecture firm.

  • Zuzu

    Hi, what do you mean with tech-port ,is it a technology innovation center or something else ,can you explain?

Congratulations to participants of the 2016.

  • MNPG Arch is an international competition working to improve architecture every two years. Awarding a first place prize, as well as honorable mentions in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative.
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