Submission Guidelines

The project submission should contain:

• 2 boards with the project information including plans, sections, and perspectives.
• Participants should submit all the data they deem necessary to showcase their proposal.
• These boards should be 24″(h) X 48″(w) in horizontal format. The resolution of the boards must be 150 dpi, rgb mode and saved as jpg files. There should not be any form of identification contained on the boards.
• The files must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the board number. For example: doka-1.jpg and doka-2.jpg.
• A doc file containing the project statement (1000 words maximum). This file must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the word “statement”. For example: doka-statement.doc.
• A doc file containing the entrants’ personal information, including name, profession, address, and email. This file must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the word “info”. For example: doka-info.doc.
• All the files must be placed in a zip folder named after the last name of the entrant. For example:

While not required, it is encouraged for entrants to submit a video “fly-through” of the design. The winner of the competition will be required to create this upon the awarding, if they have not already.

Send all entries to

  • Pooria Baniadam

    In case that the entrant be a team, for naming the files should use the last name of one member of the team or just the name of the team?

    • ionth

      The name of the team is good.

  • Kiriakos Polizogopoulos

    are we allowed to put the project’s name/title on the boards?

    • ionth


  • yeung

    May I aask if aIam not in the profession of architect neither I am a student whoch catalogue should I classified myself

    • ionth

      Interdisciplinary professional.

  • yeung

    Is there any catalogue for individual, public, non professona lentry class?

    • ionth


  • yeung

    if that is a abode hub.what kind of transport , municpal utiltiies is avaialble and grid of electricyt water soruces waste disposal, recycling and are these counted to be separate or inside the brief of designer,s assumption

    • ionth

      These are considered outside the brief, but can be part of the submission.

  • yeung

    what is the submission formate both in borad or either in borad or just by jpeg file. If by mai to send the board, where is the address?
    If by jpg file will that be manupilated ?Sending disc will need an address too. Is there a e-mai for submission?

  • mah

    how we shold registrate??

    • ionth

      No need to register.

  • Parham Esmaili

    do you want any internal perspectives in sheets?

    • ionth

      This is up to the architect.

  • mone

    if the file size was more than 25 mg , are we allowed to send more than just one email ?? the size of the sheets are in inch or cm ??

    • ionth

      Yes. The sheets are in inches.

  • Farzam

    I appreciate you with all those tighten schedules
    I would like to know whether if we receive a delivery email from your side?

    • Farzam

      I’ve sent my E-mail twice bud unfortunately there is now respond from MNPG

  • Lucía Villalba

    Hello, in structural requirenments, when you speak about basement, you mean it as a space or as foundations? thanks for your time

Congratulations to participants of the 2016.

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