2020 Competition

As you might have noticed, the format for this year’s Competition has changed, for the new decade. The previous Announcement, on this site, shares two sources of open aerial and flight information for use in the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition (located in the Five Senses for this year) if needed by the architect(s) (please refer to those two sites’ applicable legal terms), as well, as images for reference in that blog post.

The Five Senses include:

Luxembourg, New Zealand, Australia, Seychelles, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The idea which was allotted, is that each jurisdiction rotates, as appropriate, by one, to follow and administrate within International Law, while the other five jurisdictions follow and administrate their own Glocal Laws. And this process continues.

And now to the requirements for the Competition.

• Shared people space for communication health and wellness centre
• Telecommunications outlet
• Education aspect highlighting the Five Senses
• Minimum 2 airstrips
• Minimum 2 plane hangars
• Minimum 2 plane “gateways”
• No more than 5000 population density
• Uplinks to Five Senses destinations
• Not necessarily located in the Five Senses
• Very airtight networked array
• Submerged caveat beneath the planned site of the architect’s choice
• Accessible by other means of transportation
• Using modern and olden sustainable composites
• Should be easily connected to all major compassed planar destinations
• Interior commerce is a must, with secure facilities

The Total Airport is geared toward having unanimous functionality for the expert and upcoming traveler within the Five Senses jurisdictions. Must encourage a value plus and stateless customer experience, and adhere to a zero net carbon approach both in building materials used and with the Total Airport’s participants, after construction is complete. Fostering the interests in transportation for not just Earth bound destinations, but also with interplanetary, out of Earth (space), travel. For image inspiration, please refer to the MNPG Arch 2020 Announcement blog post.

The solo architect, architect teams, students, and interdisciplinaries are encouraged to enter, for the $1500 NZD prize (Winning Entry), and $250 NZD prize (Honorable Mentions). Entrants should enter with the following: Project Summary (no more than 1 page), Contact Information (including physical address, phone and email, and applicable personal internet links, if those links are deemed necessary by the architect), and 2-3 Boards with the dimensions of 20” (inches) x 60” (inches). The Winner is required to provide the CAD files, additional documentation if warranted by the entrant(s), and a video fly-through by the entrant, upon declaration by MNPG Arch of their win.

MNPG Limited retains ownership to the winning entry design (documentation, boards, CAD files, and video), and not to the Honorable Mention designs. MNPG Limited is indemnified as the Competition operator, for additional legalese in regards to MNPG Arch, please refer to the Terms Of Service, linked here.

Honorable Mentions are in these areas: Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Most Innovative, and Best Practice. Please send your completed entry, digital or physical (digital is preferred), so that the post is received by August 31, Midnight, 2020, New Zealand time, and so the jury has enough time (the next month), to review all of the entries. The physical address of MNPG Arch, can be located at the bottom of the Terms Of Service of MNPG Limited, here.

The next blog from MNPG Arch, will be for when the Winner and Honorable Mentions are announced on October 1, 2020. Make sure to review in completion, this year’s requirements available online, as there is going to be no communicative clarification available from MNPG Arch to architects, for the duration of March 1 – August 31, 2020 (when entries are accepted), via email or any other method of transit.

Thanks to the international architecture community, feel free to share this year’s Competition poster (viewable on mnpgarch.com), amongst your network, as this should turn into an amazing and constructive new decade, with the support of inventive architects around the globe. Best of the luck to all entrants, wishing everyone a wonderful 2020!

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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