01.Oct.2012 2012 MNPG Arch Competition Winner and Honorable Mentions

With the goal to create a Cultural Center that forms a space for “great minds from around the globe to come together for the purpose of the fusion of art, science, architecture and beyond,” and to adhere to the requirements of the community and jury, with entries from more then 20 countries, the selection of briefs was fantastic.

La Semilla de los Ingenios and jury are happy to announce the winner of the 2012 MNPG Arch Competition as being The Cosmic Egg by Andrew Pollendine (UK).

The honorable mentions for this year’s competition:

•    Sustainability – Eugen Ticu (Ireland)
•    Resourcefullness – Blue Bottle Architecture and Design, Frans Burrows, David Bishop (UK)
•    Best Practice – Vidmantas Pocevicius, Yuko Chiba (Lithuania, Japan)
•    Most Innovative – Mihai Pop (Italy)

For information about the guidelines and prize of the 2012 MNPG Arch Competition, please refer here.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Concaved Ellipse Pyramid, With, Side Pyramid III

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