16.Feb.2016 The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition

The 2014 Competition was for the design of a modern abode hub, with entrants from around the world and really solid award winners. This year’s idea challenge is asking architects to build a tech port beacon in the Sapphire Coast, Australia. The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition meshes architecture, technology, ecology and modern living.

The prize for the winning entry is $1500 and the honourable mentions are in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative, which each are awarded $250.

For the specifications of the competition please refer to: Context, Entry Requirements, FAQ, Images, Other Info and Legal and Submission Guidelines.

This blog will be the go-to resource for updates that happen along the way to the August 31st, 2016 submission date. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment or contact MNPG Arch here. The 2014 had a remarkable result and this year’s should be that more fantastic. Thank you for your continued support and all the best to every participant!

  • Jonas Cortez

    Is it open for all countries to have an entry?

  • Yes.

  • paulo

    good afternoon , where you can register for the contest?

  • Mahmoud

    kindly advise if this building is lighthouse and should be beside the sea port or it is a general building using for work and will be kind of landmark for the city .

    • This can be beside the sea or be a landmark for the city.

  • YMImf

    hello I would like to know how to participate and where to register for the contest. must present progress of the project or directly to the final delivery of August? I am from Argentina architecture student

    • There is no need to register, just submit your project to info@mnpg.net digitally by midnight August 31, so you don’t have to be present.

  • Deepak

    Hi, when will you release additional information of the competition as mentioned?

    • Yes, as it becomes avaliable.

  • Rick Peters

    Is there another location ( website? ) where there is anymore information?

    • Please do a search for Sapphire Coast, Australia.

  • Lucía Villalba

    Hi! We want to participate, is this the city where we should design? Can we choose any site in the city? If it is not this city, could you please print screen the city location?Thanks.

    • Sapphire Coast is an area, so the design can be anywhere within this region.

  • Luis Arturo Lb

    Do we have a minimum high for the building?

  • Santiago Sierra S

    Can we submit more than one proposal

    • You can, but a proposal is preferred.

  • Guzel Rezvanova

    Whether in the competition to participate the team, consisting of three architects?

  • Guzel Rezvanova

    May the team of three architectors take part in the competition?

  • Beatrice Rossi


    • Building no larger than: 15m x 15m, or 225 sq meters

    • Less then 225 sq. meters in surrounding landscape space

    Does it mean that we can find an accomodation for the space around the buiding (with pads and stairs for exemple) for other 225 sq meters in addition to the 225 sq meters of the building??

    • Yes, as long as the pads and stairs are not part of the building.

  • Guzel Rezvanova

    what does it mean “outside seating”?

    • These are places to sit, outside of the building, itself.

  • Kiwon Nam

    it can design several beacons? or only design a beacon?

    • This is up to the architect or team of architects.

      • Kiwon Nam

        thanks to answer

  • Olga

    Hi. What do yu mean by “Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. waves”?

  • Ioan Zelenin

    Hello, dear manager, I’m sorry, but what do you mean by
    “The space will be used primarily for working and creating.”
    What exactly will be there to engage people on the top floor?

    • This space could be used for professional work or creative action, but this is up to the interpretation of the architect.

      • Ioan Zelenin


  • Olga

    Hi. is it necessary to send 2 boards or it’s up to me how many boards to be made?

    • Yes 2 boards.

      • Ioan Zelenin

        we need to provide two boards, each measuring 24 “(H) x 48” (W). Or is it all together is 24 “(H) x 48” (W) (that is 24 “(H) x24” (H) kadratnye two boards, one for each other?)

Congratulations to Winney Zhao, Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

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