27.May.2016 Competition Update

The competition is in full swing and MNPG Arch would like to offer some guidance as to what a tech port beacon could be. Please keep in mind that this should be a landmark, but also functional for the Sapphire Coast region. Doesn’t have to be atypical, but creativity is of course encouraged. The architect ultimately should have complete expressive control over what the end product is. And remember that as far as the architecture world goes, we want to add continuous innovative value. Thanks again for your interest and happy designing!

  • Daniela Nieto

    could you be more especific about the location because the sapphire coast is very wide

    • Franco

      I think that’s one of the competition’s guidelines. You have to choose the location.

  • amir

    Is it possible to design it in the water or it has to be on land ?

    Do we have to consider the construction and structure for the implementation of the project or it should be conceptual design ?

    • It can be on land or water. Please consider the entry for construction and for conceptual design.

  • Shervin

    My idea is on the water so is it a must to consider the basemant in my Design ?

  • Daniela Nieto

    regarding boards each one of them should be 24″ x 48″ or width measurement is the total for both?

    • Hi, each of the boards should be 24″ x 48″.

  • Hello , I read the rules and I look very ambiguous , I would ask , what will be the function of this building ?, is talk that the building should have a capacity for 40 people, these people dedicate themselves to work ?, study ?, the technological beacon should be designed as an office building or school building ?

    • Hi, the function is up to the architect. Please refer to the Entry Requirements: “The tech port beacon: Attention to leading architecture, technology, ecology and modern living is paramount. The space will be used primarily for working and creating.”


      • ok…. but do not specify what work will make the 40 people in the building beacon…?

  • Present Thang

    Hi, the structure will look like a lighthouse than the workspace or vice versa? thanks.

    • Hi, the interpretation is up to the architect.

Congratulations to Winney Zhao, Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

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