27.May.2016 Competition Update

The competition is in full swing and MNPG Arch would like to offer some guidance as to what a tech port beacon could be. Please keep in mind that this should be a landmark, but also functional for the Sapphire Coast region. Doesn’t have to be atypical, but creativity is of course encouraged. The architect ultimately should have complete expressive control over what the end product is. And remember that as far as the architecture world goes, we want to add continuous innovative value. Thanks again for your interest and happy designing!

Congratulations to Winney Zhao, Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

  • MNPG Arch is an international competition working to improve architecture every two years. Awarding a first place prize, as well as honorable mentions in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative.
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