16.Jul.2016 The Stretch of the 2016 Competition

The time for submission for the 2016 competition is approaching.

There have been a lot of questions about the location of the proposed tech port beacon. It can be located anywhere within the region of the Sapphire Coast, Australia. There are no coordinates for the build. The place of the structure is up to the architect.

Please submit your entry to info@mnpg.net when your entry is ready to go.

Winner and honorable mentions are to be awarded a month after the August 31st, midnight, 2016 closing date. Good luck!

  • meli

    Hi there, please, I have a doubt: In the entry requirements it is stated that the building should be ” Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. waves)”. Does it mean no straight lines, only curvilinear layouts are going to be considered? thanks

  • Hi,

    This aspect of the Entry Requirements are guidelines, you can still have straight lines.

  • Hello , I read the rules and I look very ambiguous , I would ask , what will be the function of this building ?, is talk that the building should have a capacity for 40 people, these people dedicate themselves to work ?, study ?, the technological beacon should be designed as an office building or school building ?

  • Franco

    Hello! Quick question: I know the deadline is on August 31 at midnight. But according to what time zone?

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hi , quick question. the system issues an answer on whether he received the zip files sent?

  • Kiwon Nam

    hello question: I wonder when the result comes out??

Congratulations to Winney Zhao, Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

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