01.Sep.2016 The 2016 Competition Has Ended

Thanks to everyone that entered the 2016 MNPG Arch Competition. The winner and honourable mentions are to be announced October 1.

  • Badiarov

    Hello. How can I know that you have recieved my submission I’ve sent you by email yestarday? Is there any confirmation?

  • Hi, your entry was received, participants must ask for confirmation.

  • Jorge Velasco

    Hello, I wonder if my delivery was received?

  • Mário Alves

    Good afternoon, I wonder if you received my proposal.? So far I didn´t receive any confirmation or e-mail notice. Thanks

Congratulations to Winney Zhao, Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

  • MNPG Arch is an international competition working to improve architecture every two years. Awarding a first place prize, as well as honorable mentions in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative.
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