01.Sep.2020 2020 Competition Internal MNPG Arch Revisitation

Due to the global pandemic, there were not enough entries this year for the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition to be held in 2020, for the Total Airport, located in the Five Senses.

So in lieu of this worldwide environmental situation, MNPG Arch has decided to release their own Internal Revisitation for 2020 instead.

This MNPG Limited design is formulated as the Concaved Ellipse Pyramid, With, Side Pyramid III. Also located in the Five Senses. Please note the Invisible Architecture and Sound Boarding.

Keep up to date as this internalised competition continues in 2020, and on going, in which, the 2022 will relaunch the Total Airport competition criteria again.


This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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