04.Sep.2020 Invisible Architecture Shows the Same Caricature as the Mold of Physicalities

A toy impression which shapes the exterior cavity of something based on touchable physics, is the best way to explain the immediate impact of spatial architecture, or invisible architecture on gravity based objects.

When a mold on top of a pyramid expands throughout the Disneyification of other “Micro Machines”, as far as the precision of imprinting, the rest of the space, which holds no visible architecture, becomes a caricature of what can not be seen by humans, when there is no exact retinal reorigination by the photog, through cycomputation.

A fractal typically isn’t that impressionable upon sight, because of the essence which separates itself from the shape to begin with.

In the pyramids of alignment, the secrets of the stars become clear, if the spatial response, aligns with the godly origination of tribal storytelling and the cues that visible architecture possess, in terms of how changemaking, is understood in relation to the mold of circuited railways.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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