07.Sep.2020 The Ins and Outs of Northcentralised Mapmaking as a Fractalised Figuration Is a Known Birthplace for Birdseye Architecture

Because mapmaking takes on symbolic meaning after birth onto postwar geometries, the inputs and outputs tend to magnetise on top of northernmost centralities.

The birdseye view of architecture is why certain visionary stereotypes compete for attention and ground floor monotypes remain without 3 dimensions.

Mapmaking is not like blueprinting, because blueprinting is a micro aesthetic, but because of how micro controllers have changed scale in the modern world, through extensive electronic proficiency examinations, mapmaking can extend to understanding the whereabouts of a building, and their immediate relationships, if there is a widely used lens involved for use against a compass rose.

The pyramid is the easiest structure to appear clearly along with these restrictions because of its acceptance in commercial industry and archaeologics.

Without the teachings of varied civilisations and their various approaches to their respective use cases, the side pyramid may have never been built, and the concavities of ellipses may never have been intertwined with stealth designations and the purposes which their occupants demand, with the quest for expedited travel, not necessarily in space, but in thinking.

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