10.Sep.2020 Mathematic Tetrahedronic Anthropological Associative Gateways Work Against Windmilling When Advanced Too Quickly

The fortunes of the tetrahedron can be told alongside the gateways which open their arches to them.

Why windmills matter in this letterbox, is because they are congruent to the pace of their additive pyramidic associations, when looking at a tetrahedron and other long lost pyramids.

The question of why tetrahedrons have been historically gated is because they can not change, to a stronger junction.

Using mathematics to analyse the evolutionary associatives to do with their windmill motorways, the same can be said for the facts which support their eventual lack of fandom, in the far majority of consumer applications.

No two pyramids look alike, because of how disparate the choice of their gateways have likened their accessibilities to, and how closed some historians have been to this, when on the brink of an eureka moment for faster advancements, which were not subject to non pyramid advancements, during those timelines of wealth creation.

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