24.Apr.2022 Reflections on the 2022 MNPG Arch Internal Competition

This competition was the next step as far as architecting goes from an information architecture (IA) perspective. What incorporated knowledge, which was dabbed into the reflections of glass, showed, was far more important from a historical viewpoint than what could have ever been made possible, if all cards were played with justice, which was what was “played”.

The intersection of identity and the forces of good and evil played a role in how the top level view of this architecture won; not necessarily by being prized, but by being executed as a program. For space, and for liftoff.

The complicated thing about how past theories of a developed notion that may have been architected themselves, three hundred or seven hundred years ago, is that they may not necessarily hold much value against many fractalisations, which are older, and newer, and that the real part of the difference in how currency becomes valuable is displayed, not just on the reflection of glass, but also on the faces of lawfulness.

There are cases in between cases, which architecture teaches after an architect has designed such an objective, and is why the objectification of decision has to be observed, even if there is substantial evidence in the case of relations to the jury, of an architecture competition.

For the 2024, MNPG Arch welcomes the reader from any observable point, into the design of a harbour of the future. Thank you, and happy travels.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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