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01.Mar.2018 The 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition was for the design of a tech port beacon. For the 2018, the space has evolved towards a wider approach to competitive thinking. MNPG Arch is asking architects in the international community to propose a solution for an island bridge starting at the Great Barrier Island. To learn about this […]

27.Feb.2018 Official 2018 MNPG Arch Competition Poster

08.Nov.2017 2018 MNPG Arch Competition Location

The fourth bi-annual MNPG Arch Competition is approaching- currently looking for a good location to hold the challenge, please contact us here for all interested, thanks and until the next.

01.Oct.2016 2016 MNPG Arch Competition Winner and Honorable Mentions

The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition was for the design of a tech port beacon that infuses architecture, technology, ecology and modern living. The Sapphire Coast, Australia, the place for the manifestation, is a splendid locale, that deserves an architecture that can be a projection for continuing expansion, both in development and also for the advancement […]

Benjamin Pra and Amandine Graczyk – Winner of the 2016 MNPG Arch Competition

Fraction House is the work of Benjamin Pra and Amandine Graczyk, an expression that supersedes reality, but is cemented in classical appreciations of architecture as well. The first thing that becomes apparent, is the movement of the walk and passageways both on the exterior of the landscaping, and also within the journey to the top […]

Rino Pagni, Giovanni Santi, and Students – Honorable Mention, Sustainability

Designed by two architects and ten students, the natural setting is what this is really all about. And then there is a new approach to magnetic levitation light projection from inside the building. A zero cost plan for the transference of the beacon, which acts as the nucleus for further scientific and experimental thought. Inventing […]

Heitor Derbli – Honorable Mention, Resourcefulness

The design appears with its typology of that of a propeller of four ships that are leaving the same port, but in different directions. Merimbula’s Lighthouse, engages the visitor to experience its light refraction and material in different stages, depending on the time of the day. A ground floor, two intermediary floors, ten floors and […]

Iván Maravankin, Nicolás Neira – Honorable Mention, Best Practice

This realist architecture includes a concrete base and then the beacon. Its classic yet unique juxtaposition of new and old, brings out the best in the surrounding area and for visitors far and wide. Conversational motion are also facets of the proposal that encourage discourse about different progressive topics. Most importantly, this is not just […]

Viktor Karľa, Ján Kanócz, Miroslava Mertová – Honorable Mention, Most Innovative

In a pivotal design that purposefully does not resemble at all a traditional beacon, this circular abstraction delivers. Being primarily being made from wood, the accessible ramps that lead up to the top of the lighthouse serve as a place to learn about the wider geographical area as well as be a part of new […]

01.Sep.2016 The 2016 Competition Has Ended

Thanks to everyone that entered the 2016 MNPG Arch Competition. The winner and honourable mentions are to be announced October 1.

Entries for the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition are accepted until Midnight, August 31, 2020

  • MNPG Arch is an international competition working to improve architecture every two years. Awarding a first place prize, as well as honorable mentions in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative.
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