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01.Sep.2020 2020 Competition Internal MNPG Arch Revisitation

Due to the global pandemic, there were not enough entries this year for the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition to be held in 2020, for the Total Airport, located in the Five Senses. So in lieu of this worldwide environmental situation, MNPG Arch has decided to release their own Internal Revisitation for 2020 instead. This MNPG […]

31.Jan.2020 The 2020 MNPG Arch Competition

Welcome to the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition, for this year’s brief, refer here. Onwards and upwards….

09.Oct.2019 MNPG Arch 2020 Announcement

For 2020, the selection of design by MNPG Limited for the Competition is for the design of, an Total Airport, that best suits nature and sustainable ideas of travel, while mitigating varied problems that this type of transportation poses. This MNPG Arch Competition, for 2020, entrants can use OpenFlights and OpenAerialMap if they need to. […]

01.Oct.2018 2018 MNPG Arch Competition Winner and Honorable Mentions

The 2018 MNPG Arch Competition asked architectural teams and individuals to shape an island bridge that fused the Great Barrier Island, New Zealand to a new connector. While the seas, could possibly when paired with structural engineering and related fields pose a very difficult problem to architects, the entries for this year’s Competition were extremely […]

Winney Zhao – Winner of the 2018 MNPG Arch Competition

The Crux Bridge: An interstellar walk by Winney Zhao is the pinnacle of architectural fashioning, as it demonstrates how physical spatial coordination and the angular definitions that shape the structures, which humans live and work within and around, relate to each other, and also how they offer a resemblance to the refraction of light and […]

Tetiana Korchebna and Ihor Zhuravel – Honorable Mention, Sustainability

Using a bridge-city and support-skyscraper for the implementation of their thought process, Tetiana and Ihor have created a world of artificial islands. What makes this design interesting is the attention to the varying levels of transport ways (pedestrian, bicycle, car, monorail and helipad). This is a significant improvement upon a use-case for a different scale […]

Magdalena Domagała – Honorable Mention, Resourcefulness

Located above Rarohara Bay, near to the Great Barrier Island Port-Fitzroy, this design by Magdalena is for a proposed construction of an arched bridge. The road of the bridge is composed of three parts: a middle section made of concrete, and a glass composition for the left and right sides of the road. By connecting […]

Miguel Angel Arias – Honorable Mention, Best Practice

While the brief of this Competition was for the connection of the Great Barrier Island to the Hauraki Gulf, Miguel Angel decided to focus on regeneration of the local marine environment. The harbour growth of the entry was an aspect for consideration, as it is known that the fauna species and flora are aligned with […]

Amaldev P, Arjun P, Garima Muwal, Gokul A.N and Karthik Patali – Honorable Mention, Most Innovative

A very unique entry in all capacities, the architect group from India of Amaldev, Arjun, Garima, Gokul and Karthik, has written and designed The Bridge of stories after a sunken ship made way for the introduction of a carrier pigeon service between Auckland and the Great Barrier Island. What what history remained, may have been […]

01.Sep.2018 The 2018 Competition Has Ended

Thanks to this year’s participants, best of luck to the entrants. The winner and honorable mentions are to be announced October 1, 2018.

This year's MNPG Arch Competition is for the design of the Total Airport

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