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16.Jul.2016 The Stretch of the 2016 Competition

The time for submission for the 2016 competition is approaching. There have been a lot of questions about the location of the proposed tech port beacon. It can be located anywhere within the region of the Sapphire Coast, Australia. There are no coordinates for the build. The place of the structure is up to the […]

27.May.2016 Competition Update

The competition is in full swing and MNPG Arch would like to offer some guidance as to what a tech port beacon could be. Please keep in mind that this should be a landmark, but also functional for the Sapphire Coast region. Doesn’t have to be atypical, but creativity is of course encouraged. The architect […]

16.Feb.2016 The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition

The 2014 Competition was for the design of a modern abode hub, with entrants from around the world and really solid award winners. This year’s idea challenge is asking architects to build a tech port beacon in the Sapphire Coast, Australia. The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition meshes architecture, technology, ecology and modern living. The prize […]

03.Jan.2016 Official 2016 MNPG Arch Competition Poster

Additional information of the 2016 MNPG Arch Competition coming soon.

01.Oct.2014 2014 MNPG Arch Competition Winner and Honorable Mentions

This year’s competition, that brought the greater architectural community together to design a modern abode hub in the Snowies, Australia which infused architecture, technology, ecology and healthy living, was a competitive landscape of entries from studios, architects, interdisciplinaries and students. MNPG Arch would like to announce the winner of the 2014 MNPG Arch Competition as […]

Atlier N2K, Parisa Navidi, Cuc Nguyen, Nathan Klein – Winner of the 2014 MNPG Arch Competition

Shaping with that of elements of a snowflake’s contour, the Trail House would be a welcome addition to the rugged terrain and paths that make up this atypical part of Australia. With sweeping views and the functionality of sedentary and traveler needs, this creates a lasting, yet absorbing architectural feat. Having proposed to be built […]

Mafalda Carmona – Honorable Mention, Sustainability

Hub it! is a comprehensive process design that allows for the adaptation of collaboration with the local area, ski resorts and companies to create a resilient construction. Not a village, this community would serve the health of the region’s natural wonder. By respecting the land, the building has a sensical impact on the environment without […]

Sourav Dey – Honorable Mention, Resourcefulness

Pine House has the dynamism of the human mind and shape of the rugged scapes to form this scenic, whole architecture. Inspired by pine trees, there is a lot to say for the gaps of air in the outside and interior of the construction. With a plant room, glass curtain staircase, thermal resistant envelope insulation […]

Yongshik Yong – Honorable Mention, Best Practice

The O House capitalises its statement with a deck that is not merely a brightly visible item to the viewer, but that of an unfound space. This shapes the rest of the building and the rounded critical panorama of the surrounding Snowies. The crystallite skin, controls sunlight to save energy. Staying with the sustainable functionality, […]

Cristina Pérez Cámara – Honorable Mention, Most Innovative

The Rib is a green building, with circumferences that change throughout. Circulations are controlled, creating a healthy place for the inhabitants. Partially buried, there is an attention to being a super standard, naturally absorbent creation. With that said, the steel frame highlights a local success story of local industry.

Entries for the 2020 MNPG Arch Competition are accepted until Midnight, August 31, 2020

  • MNPG Arch is an international competition working to improve architecture every two years. Awarding a first place prize, as well as honorable mentions in Sustainability, Resourcefullness, Best Practice and Most Innovative.
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