La Semilla de los Ingenios is a 7 year old development located 20 minutes from La Manzanilla, Mexico and within the Los Ingenios community. An international airport is a hour away and close to the ocean shores, a thriving eco village is ready for the progression of construction to start within the next year.

Access to a sleepy, yet growing fishing town, La Semilla de los Ingenios combined with local sustainability allows for great minds from around the globe to come together for the purpose of the fusion of art, science, architecture and beyond.

  • david

    la manzanilla is located in jalisco state, in

  • Roberto

    Do you have dimensions of site?

    • admin

      Please take a look at the CAD plan that you can download and the topographical images for the dimensions. The dimensions of the site may vary depending on the scale of the proposal- the building must be 13 x 13 square meters and the size of the surrounding area is dependent on the architect.


  • FZ

    Other than one winning prize, will there be other prizes like second, third prize or, honorable / merit prizes?

    • admin

      There is only the winning prize for this competition.

  • Jelena

    Hello, I have a question regarding the climate info in this area that I found on the internet and just want to make sure I have the right information.

    1. Is it true that there is a large amount of earthquakes, droghts, erosion, landslides during the year?
    2. Are the forest dry in the long period of the year?

    Thank you very much!

    • admin


      1. There are droughts and erosion and landslides can happen, there are tremors, but earthquakes are rare.
      2. The forest is dry during the long period of the year.

      • Brndn

        Do you have any climate data? yearly rainfall? temperature throughout the year? wind patterns? etc. or a internet source where all this data can be found?

        • admin

          Currently we don’t have such data available.


  • Are there photos available from the top of the site in all directions? We are curious about views and distinguishable landmarks seen from the site.

    • admin

      As of now there are not any others, we are working on uploading additional photos.

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