Do I need to register?

No need to register, just submit your proposal by the August 31st deadline. Entries will begin to be accepted starting on the 1st of March, 2012.

Are there maps and images of the ethos of the land?

Please check the images section on the right sidebar.

What are the exact coordinates where the Cultural Center will be?

526,079.86 meters to the north and 2¨134,898.89 meters to the west.

Does the 100 square meters of landscaping have a particular space, is it a ring surrounding the structure or is it the choice of the design team? 

It is the choice of the design team.

Is the competition going to award honorable mentions?

Yes, in the following areas: Sustainability, Resourcefulness, Best Practice, and Most Innovative. Recipients will receive a certificate from MNPG Arch for these distinctions.


  • Paul

    Is this competition open for students of architecture?

    • admin


  • Mohamed

    Is this an International competition ?

  • admin

    Yes this is an international competition.

  • Karen

    does this culture center has any height limit or floors limit?

    • admin

      There are two floors in the cultural center, the basement and ground floor- there is no height limit to the structure.


  • Fred

    Is this competition also open to students?

    • admin


  • Dunrau

    A couple questions,
    1) You specify dimensions of 13 x 13m, however, you indicate that the preferred shaped is a circle. Do you want it to be 13m diameter? Or something in the range of 169 m2?
    2) Foreigners can’t legally own land in Mexico, how will this transaction be held in case we are the winner?
    3) How do we know that the prize land is a good piece of land (good for construction, good view, connected to facilities, etc…)

    • admin

      1. The area for the building should be 13 meters in diameter.
      2. Please refer here for the legal information.
      3. For now, all of the residencies of the community are in the same part of the land- facilities will be right there and the site for construction has been surveyed as being fit for construction. The view is good, it however is not as great as the view from the cultural center, or close for that matter.


  • could you indicate the location on that map please:

    you can easily drag and drop for the exact location!

    • admin

      We were unable to use that site because of errors- please check the location here.


  • DY

    How can I get information on the Jury?
    Please advice,

    • admin

      Information on the jury can be found here.

  • FZ

    Your requirement states, “uses other natural resources for the majority of the remainder of the structure”. Could you explict what might not be regarded as “natural resources”. Would concrete wall and Metal stud structure with stucco finish qulify for this requirement?

    • admin

      Concrete and metal studs and stucco aren’t technically natural resources, but if you can use them accordingly as “natural resources” then feel free to implement them.

  • Dejan

    Hi. Could you please tell me what is the budget limit for the project (e.g. how much can we “invest” in solar panels, etc.)?

    • admin

      The budget limit for the project should be in relationship to the amount spent on local materials- so this depends on the scope of the design by the architect given the requirements of the local economy.


  • David

    Is there a preferred way of organizing the space? Meaning if some of the functions are to go into the basement or everything is up to the architect?

    Thank you.

    • admin

      This is all up to the architect.

  • Eugen GT


    In relation to the site views.

    Am I right to assume that there is a narrow (approx 15-20 degrees wide) angle of ocean view from the top of the hill, where the recommended construction site is?
    If the terrain levels are correct on Google Earth, it seems that is the case.


    • admin


      Your site view assumption is correct.

Congratulations to participants of the 2016.

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