Artist’s Plan

CAD Plan (download)


Google Satellite:

A view from site of the cultural center:

Current structural elements:


Inspiration from Inhabitat of ethos (these are examples, please use your imagination):

  • John

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What do the purple and pink lines on the first google satellite map refer to, and how about the circle filled with blue on the top left corner? What are “tanque”s?

    2. Will the cultural center be the property of the community of La Semmila?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      1. The purple lines are lines for water distribution, the pink lines are the road, The thick pink line exist now and the thin pink line is a proposal for a road. The circle filled with blue on the top left corner is a dam, “Tanques” mean water deposit. The idea is capture the rain water in the blue circle and then pump this water to the other sites on the top around the ecovillage.

      2. Yes, the cultural center will be property of the community, but there will be sponsors that will retain partial ownership as well.


    I am guessing the cultural center site is the thick green line right?

    • admin

      That is the greater area of the site yes.

  • FZ

    The posted pictures exhibit quite a contract between primitive and modern characteristics. While understanding modern architecture could be inspired from cultural elements, still I would like to know if the proposed cultural center is preferably gravitated by the client towards more modern or traditional style.

    • admin

      The proposed cultural center should be more gravitated towards a balance between modern and traditional styles.

  • It will be helpful to have photos from the site, looking north, south, east, west. Also, could we have a few more photos looking at the site from different angles?

    • admin

      We will try to get other helpful photos of the site.

  • Also, previously you had said that the CAD site plan was on meters. I wanted to confirm that every contour is 1 meter high. thanks

    • admin

      Have to get back to you on this issue.

    • admin

      Every contour is 1 meter high, that is correct.

  • wro

    could you provide a photo of the site on which the cultural center is supposed to be designed?it would be helpful to design and visualize the building

    • admin

      As of right now all of the photos of the site can be viewed on the “Images” portion of the site or at the Ingenios website- we are going to post more photos soon.

  • Tanmay Naik

    Can u please upload a CAD plan with the exact boundary of the eco village. So that the exact location of the cultural center would be understood with relation to the contours

    • admin

      For now, that is the only CAD plan available, will check to see if there is another for download. Thanks.

  • JD

    Hi is the competition still on going?

    Is the first picture of the google satelite picture the master plan of the village?

    what is ‘casa ecologica tipo’ are they existing structures ?

    I cant related the pictures from “Current structural elements” to the google map. I tried to look for them on the Map. But there is nothing.

    Any plans for paved roads ?

    • admin


      Yes the competition is open until midnight, the 31st of August.

      The first google satellite picture can be considered the master plan of the village.

      The ‘Current structural elements’ and the ‘Inspiration” of the Images section help describe the ‘casa exologica tipo.’

      The current structural elements are not yet on site, but in demo form, close by, but off-site.

      There are no plans for paved roads, but certainly manageable for electric vehicles.


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