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PRIZE ($10,000 USD worth of land) is situated close to the river at La Semilla de los Ingenios (20 minutes from La Manzanilla and within the Los Ingenios community), adjacent to the camping grounds and main entrance to a nearby eco-tourist zone, close to the community and cultural centers and is enough space for a sizeable ecological structure. The space is 10 x 10 sq. meters.

LEGAL: The property title law in Mexico is limited- Francisco Javier Garcia, the community’s (Los Ingenios) representative for the local ejido (land association) guarantees that the winner will be the owner of the property as described (10 x 10 sq. meters, in the south east section of La Semilla de los Ingenios).

There will be a contract signed by the community to “the winner” as represented by Francisco Javier Garcia, unless the winner is Mexican, the community will sign a contract directly to “the winner.”

In essence, real estate is an evolving industry in Mexico, and La Semilla de los Ingenios has one of the best established relationships with the local ejido (land association) which provides the assurance that the land owners within the community are actually land owners.

The land can be utilized for a residential zoned construction that is in accordance with the philosophy and concept of La Semilla de los Ingenios.

By entering the competition, the entrant, has accepted the terms and conditions of the prize and legal terms and conditions outlined in the section above.

  • Pancaldi

    I have some questions:
    1. ‘Ejido’ properties can not be sold, can they?
    2. If you are not Mexican, how can you own the property? What happens if Mr. Garcia is not capable of fulfilling his responsibilities as a legal representative?
    3. Which guarantees do you offer to the competition participants? The legal terms and conditions seems to be too vague.
    4. Who will retain the intellectual property rights of the project?
    5. Do you intend to build the Cultural Center based on the winning project?
    Thank you.

    • admin

      1. Not that we are aware of.
      2. Please consult the Legal section of this competition. If Mr. Garcia is unable to fulfill his role, the community itself would not exist.
      3. At this time, these are the best legal terms for this competition- owning property in Mexico is very complex.
      4. The community of La Semilla de los Ingenios and its sponsors will retain the intellectual property rights of the project.
      5. Yes, we intend to build the Cultural Center based on the winning project.


  • MM

    It’s seems interesting but the “legal” terms and conditions are very vague. Is there a plan to have a clear set of conditions that entrants agree to whwhy they submit? Why do the IP rights need to be assigned when a license would be bough to construct it? Are these rights assigned by all entrants or only the winner in exchange for the prize or as part of a further commissions o develop the project?
    Please clarify.

    • admin

      At the present time, the conditions set forth in the “Other Info + Legal” section of this website, are the terms that participants of this competition agree to when they decide to enter this competition.

      We decided to assign the IP rights based on the feedback of a potential entrant.

      These rights are assigned only to the winner in exchange for the prize.

  • Jay

    Do you have to be a registered architect to participate?
    Can one enter as a student?

    • admin

      You do not have to be a registered architect to enter, students are welcome.

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