Submission Guidelines

The project submission should contain:

  • 2 boards with the project information including plans, sections, and perspectives. Participants should submit all the data they deem necessary to showcase their proposal. These boards should be 24″(h) X 48″(w) in horizontal format. The resolution of the boards must be 150 dpi, rgb mode and saved as jpg files. There should not be any form of identification contained on the boards. The files must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the board number. For example: gutierrez-1.jpg and gutierrez-2.jpg.
  • A doc file containing the project statement (500 words maximum). This file must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the word “statement”. For example: gutierrez-statement.doc.
  • A doc file containing the entrants’ personal information, including name, profession, address, and email. This file must be named after the last name of the entrant followed by the word “info”. For example: gutierrez-info.doc.
  • All the files must be placed in a zip folder named after the last name of the entrant. For example:
  • We would be interested in entering this competition but would request if any site information is available for download.

    • admin

      You can download the specifications from this website, here.

  • yaniv

    the submission is only digital ? or also paper boards?

    • admin


      It is digital only.


  • FZ

    It seems an interesting competition project to sweat on. I do have a couple of questions/ concerns. Per your guideline, the file naming is to use last name of participant. It’s worth pointing out that for some countries like China millions of people could have a same family name, which could pose a potential problem in the scenario when two participants with the same family name enter this competition. How would you rectify this? Unlike most architectural competitions we all know that anonymity of entries is maintained throughout the competition, your submission guideline requires the architect’s name be printed on the presentation boards. How could you ensure the jury deliberation is fair to all entries? How to submit the design proposal electrically?


    • admin

      To rectify this please enter the last two digits of your zip code at the end of your last name if you are worried about duplicate names being entered.

      In terms of being fair, we are making the greatest effort to remain as balanced as possible for all entrants and have yet to make any judgements upon any entrants or their questions and will not until we have chosen the right design for the 2012 MNPG Arch Competition.

      Please submit your proposal to

      Thanks for your questions.

  • Lucas

    I have a doubt: In what level of detail the project should be presented? Must be a preliminary study?
    That’s all.

    • admin

      This should be a professional presentation at the highest level of detail as possible, given the constraints given.

  • Nathan Smith

    Is the site covered with trees? If so, what are their locations (is there an existing tree plan?), heights, species?
    thanks, NS

    • admin

      The trees are spread out throughout the site, there is no “tree plan”, there more than 20 different species. Thanks


    I have a question for if we are a team. Is that a problem when we submit?
    For example about the name of the submission file.?


    • admin

      No, that’s not a problem. Please include the lead architect’s name on the submission file.

  • Marin

    13×13 is 169 sq. m. Is that the area of a single floor? If it is for one floor and a basement, is the area twice as much? Is it possible that those 169 sq. m. are 8.45×20 which is 169 sq. m. as well. Or is it mandatory the cultural centre to be 13x13m.

    The units of the cultural centre should be apartment like with a living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. or hotel like – just a bedroom with a bathroom?

    • admin

      13×13 is the area for the first floor. It depends on how big the basement is. The size of the cultural center should be close to 13 x 13. The arrangement of the cultural center units is up to the architect.

  • Marin

    The bordered with green area in the DWG file is the spot for the cultural centre. From that bordered area, we can use only 13/13m for the cultural centre and 100 sq. m. for a yard, correct??? Is it possible to use the remaining part of the bordered with green area for a yard?

    • admin

      Yes that is correct, the bordered green area is where the cultural center is and the 100 sq meters can be used for a yard, although the rest of the green area should stay as is. Thanks.

  • Eve

    I’m still not sure if I understood the area for the centre right. 13 by 13 sqm, as Marin asked before, it doesn’t have to be exactly 13 by 13, has it?
    It could be also another form, like more longitude, couldn’t it?
    And another thing, how important is the circular shape?
    Do we have to include parking area? Thanks

    • admin

      The area should be about 13 by 13 sqm. It could be more longitude in form, the circular shape is fairly important, and you do not have to include parking area for this building.


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